How do black girls do basic makeup?

Posted on October 17, 2020

How do black girls do basic makeup?

Usually finding maquillage for black skin was a challenge. Every department store you are in has a wide variety of makeup available, but previously it was very difficult to making makeup for black girls that was actually appropriate for black skin. Some beauty companies have now acknowledged that colored women often have needs and money to invest, and have therefore produced goods.

Option of a base

Due to the different weather conditions, the type of foundations for black skin you may need for summer and winter are different. Over the summer, this will affect your skin and of course everybody tans, so that your winter base will be too dark. The best approach to applying makeup for dark skin is to use and mix two foundation materials.

The bolder colors of red or Bourgogne are the best form of blushers appropriate for dark skin. This must be rubbed gently around the cheekbone to highlight the structure of the bone. Try not to add too much otherwise you look like a drawn doll and that is not what we want.

Pick Color for Your Eyes

I always recommend that you use black eyeliner to highlight your eyes, it will work great with a pixie cut. Depending on your ability, this can be a pencil or liquid eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is perfect if you have a very constant hand and gives you a beautiful, thin line just above your eyelids. An eye pencil is much easier to apply and for beginners I would suggest this.american girl with makeup1

Fantastic shades of brown skin complement are Burgundians and prunes. Use a small brush and apply it very easily over your eye liner application on your eye socket.

Do not try to lighten or lighten your skin by adding a lighter hue, because your skin would look unhealthy and unnatural. If you wish to shine your face, add the light reflecting properties of a pure loose powder (If the powder is not transparent, it should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation). This subtly improves the skin tone without changing it. The contrary also applies-do not use dark foundations to look tanned-instead use a matte bronzer.

Pick a lipstick

A major lip color option to flatter your blusher and eye shadow is plum, brown or lovely deep red. When using a lip liner, make sure it is still the same color as your lipstick. They should be 100% mixed.

Now you have some ideas to help you pick a make-up for colorful ladies, go out and start experimenting.