How to contour a long shape face

Posted on February 18, 2019

How to contour a long shape face

The contouring is effectively worked up in many ways through using it you can able to add some additional glow and power pack to your long face. Things that you can do for contouring long face and they are listed one below the other

First there is a need for you to startup from the top in that case there is a need for you to start by contouring along with the hairline and it would create the illusion that would lower than and it really effect which you have the smaller forehead than you really do.

contour a long shape face

Next there is a need for you to balance up your contour then when it comes to the cheekbones rather than working up your contour powder into your hollow that would bring your brush that would lower up than sockets in cheekbones.

While doing contour a long shape face there is a need for you not to forget your chin, just as like you have created up the illusion for the smaller forehead that is contouring up with hairlines that is replicated with the similar effects at the bottom of your face. In that case there is a need for you to avoid blending up the jawline as this would only accentuate the long chin. The act of contouring would not be complete when you have not highlighted those actions.

The contour for oval face which you can try it off

Before starting to do this there is a need for you know the contour for oval face that you should follow.

  • There is a need for you to highlight up your face when you are highlighting it is required for you to apply the products in your cheekbones, eyelids, eyebrow bone, bridge of the bone and the center of the upper lips.
  • After that you have to shade up the cheek hollow through applying the jawline, eyelids, chin and temples equally.
  • Gently there is a need for you to illuminate and dab the products onto the upper part of the cheekbones through using the brush.
  • There is also a need is there for you to color up the cheekbones through applying the blush to your cheekbones from the hairlines that too at the center of the face by using the brush.

Finally finish up the makeup through applying the HD powder to set your contouring and malify the skin.